Hi, we’re Virgil.  Virgil is the wise guide with the lantern, a trusted compagnon who guides the way and acts as a moral adviser through your video marketing crusade.  Virgil will guide you through three stages:  Strategy, Production & Distribution.


A Virgil strategy guides your audience through a journey of stories. 

Instead of creating one complex story that contains every single campaign value or information. Virgil provides the most efficient format for a specific communication. Virgil is convinced that the journey is equally important to the destination. Our guiding strategies are based on multiple video stories that all contain one strong, delineated message to continuously illuminate your specific audience.

Together with Virgil, your audience is guided through all possible steps of explanation and awareness. 



A Virgil video guides your audience through a valuable story.

Whether the video is 30 seconds or 15 minutes. The authentic experiences, thoughts, hopes, dreams, failures and joys of people form the heart of our stories. Stories told by people themselves or narrated through an ingeniously thought out concept. Our stories come in all shapes. Custom made, Virgil provides your stories for immediate use and impact on all social channels.

Authenticity and storytelling, our guidelines to illuminate your social audience through video.


Virgil enlightens your journey of stories for your target audience.

Virgil strategies are designed as a journey for your target audience that guides them through every value of a campaign. What’s a journey if no one experiences it? Virgil makes sure that your video stories reach the right people on the right timing. By the use of digital marketing tools for distribution, we make sure that the right pair of eyes are watching your valuable stories. 

Give your stories the enlightenment they deserve.