Hi, we’re Virgil.

Virgil is the wise guide with the lantern, a trusted compagnon who guides the way and acts as a moral adviser through your video marketing crusade. This is how we guide you:

We’re translators
We translate companies’ needs into powerful, consumable, engaging video content.

We’re experts
Whether you need to show off a new product / service or you want to build awesome brand awareness, whether you want to make a lasting impression on a sales presentation or you need a qualitative inflow of applicants for recruitment purposes, etc.… we’ve done it all!

We’re go-getters
Don’t be fooled by our young, pretty faces. We have built strong expertise and our pitbull-attitude makes sure you we deliver. On time, on target. We love to put our teeth into your project

This is how we love to work



We listen to your story, your needs and your questions. Our business developers are experts in understanding what drives your company and how video can help you grow, perform and achieve. Take your time to talk to them, they love to listen!


Our creative team converts your needs into video. We make sure your story is told, your goals are attended. By focusing on emotion-embedded, powerful images, we create professional video communication-tools for the 21stcentury. Whatever your message: we know how to translate it into video!


Our offer is clear and transparent. Once we start collaborating, we keep you updated about every step of the process. We strongly believe that good agreements make good friends! No surprises, only happy faces.